Children for Africa

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Africa is a magical place filled with amazing wild animals and great adventures.

Africa boasts over 2000 bird species, 10 000 reptile species and more than 1000 mammal species,including the big five,  all living on the same continent. With such a abundance of life living in a fragile eco-system it takes a large number of dedicated individuals to manage and protect the environment. 

With aspects such as habitat loss due to human encroachment, the increasing poaching problem and pollution, preserving the natural eco-systems is a daunting task and one which we are sadly failing. However the battle is far from over! 

The youth of today play a crucial role in preserving the environment, they are the future conservationists, and they hold the key to solving many of the problems we are currently unable to solve. It is our responsibility to educated and instill a love for nature within todays children. By doing this we are ensuring the survival of the environment for many future generations.

Within Children for Africa you will find African animal facts for children and adults, children's worksheets and activities, stories and write ups all designed to educate yourself and your children about the beauty of Africa and the problems which she faces.

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