African Rhino Poaching Facts for Children and Adults

White RhinoBlack Rhino

What is poaching?

Poaching is the illegal hunting and killing of animals, which you do not own, or on land which does not belong to you.

Why are rhinos being poached?

Over three rhinos are being poached daily, but why? Certain Asian cultures believe that the rhino horn hold medicinal values and is able to cure many different ailments. With a wide variety of people believing in this myth the demand for rhino horn is currently very high, and people are willing to pay a lot of money to buy the horn. The horn is currently selling for over $65000 per kilogram.

What do rhinos use their horn for?

Rhinos mostly use their horn for defense against predators, as well as fighting.

What is the horn made from?

The rhino horn is made from keratin. Keratin is also the substance your hair and nails are made from. It has no medicinal qualities.

What is being done to stop rhino poaching?

There are a number of organizations trying desperately to raise funds, and awareness to combat the rhino poaching.
The national parks have specialized teams which are able to track and arrest poachers, hopefully before more rhinos are killed. There are rhino breeding reserves in hidden locations trying to keep the numbers steady.
Some private reserves are cutting off the horns of their rhinos to try prevent the poaching of their rhinos.

How can you help stop the rhino poaching?

Talk to your friends and family about the poaching. Read and educated yourself about the poaching problem.
Ask your teacher or school to start a fund to donate to the wildlife organizations.
Make a donation to a wildlife organization. Some of these organizations are listed here.
Go on holiday to an African game reserve because by supporting these reserves you are supporting the war against poaching.

White Rhino
Near Threatened
20 000 remainĀ 

Black Rhino
Critically Endangered
4800 remainĀ 

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