Black Rhino

Diceros Bicornis

Black Rhino

Weight: ±1000kg's
Longevity: 35-50 years


Black rhinos are the smaller of the two African rhino species, they are also the more aggressive and rare of the two.

Rhinos are very curious creatures and will often come closer to investigate a strange smell or noise. Their eye sight is very poor, but this is compensated by amazing hearing and smell. They are able to move their ears co-dependently to detect different noises. 

The horn on their face is made from keratin and carries no medicinal properties at all. It is used for defense as well as fighting.

Black rhinos prefer to live in dense bush vegetation.

Social Structure

Black rhinos are usually solitary animals, although small groups of 2-4 animals are sometimes found.


Black rhinos are browsers(eat leaves). They have a prehensile upper lip which is able to hold and pull branches to be bitten off.


Black rhinos give birth to a single calf, the gestation last for 15 months.


Poaching of rhinos is currently a huge problem, asian cultures believe the horn is able to cure various ailments such as hang overs, cancer, flu and many more. This, however, is completely untrue.